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Gallery Takes Unusual Step Closer To Home

Tuesday October 21, 2008
SHOWINGS by contemporary Hunter artists at Newcastle Region Art Gallery have in the past been rare, but a new exhibition is restoring the balance.

Care With Pride And Joy

Saturday December 15, 2007
INDUSTRY knowledge combined with superior service levels gives Warners Bay Paint & Panel the competitive edge.

Small Is Big Again

Friday September 14, 2007
Frankfurt 2007 will be remembered as the year the world's largest brands rediscovered the city car. There was room for some automotive indulgence, too. Motoring editor Joshua Dowling reports from the show.

A Cut And Shut Case

Wednesday July 18, 2007
A young man's quest to own a red Mustang convertible resulted decades later in a unique automotive creation, writes David Morley.

Restrained Drama

Wednesday June 20, 2007
Kath Dolan inspects an award-winning renovation in Port Melbourne that turned heritage headaches into accolades.

Automotive Animalism

Wednesday April 18, 2007
THERE'S nothing like being a bit oddball, even in the serious world of motorsport.

Thick Skinned

Monday September 25, 2006
Only a diamond-tipped tool can cut through the Sophia 2 speaker, writes Greg Borrowman.

Patricia Piccinini: Life Cycle

Sunday May 21, 2006
Patricia Piccinini: Life Cycle WHEN: To June 10 WHERE: Tolarno Galleries, city. Tel: 9654 6000

Citroen C4 - Who Could Want For More? Drive

Saturday August 13, 2005
When it comes to making an automotive statement French car maker Citroen has never been one to hide its light under the nearest bushel.

Getting On Board The Cultural Swell

Saturday November 13, 2004
LIONEL Bawden, 30, has an unusual approach to sculpture. In recent times he has done a series of works depicting landscapes created completely out of Staedtler coloured pencils, which he laminates together and shapes into strongly coloured hills and valleys.

Note Of Advice For Noisy Rev-heads

Tuesday March 2, 2004
If you need your notebook to rev like a Ferrari, then the owner, not the notebook, needs fixing, writes Charles Wright.

Cool Curves

Saturday November 15, 2003
ARCHITECT Stanic Harding UPDATE 2003

Why Silver Is The New ... Silver

Sunday August 3, 2003
Don't sell that metallic silver car just yet. According to automotive designers, it's still going to be the in-thing seven years from now. Bob Jennings reports.

Searching For The Colour Of Money

Thursday June 26, 2003
You might not realise it, but there's plenty of forward thinking in the automotive business, and among those looking ahead are colour and trim specialists.

Plastics Technology On Top Of The Pops

Monday March 3, 2003
A CSIRO company formed to commercialise a new plastics coating technology has already met strong demand in the automotive, wine and housing products industries.

With Knobs On ...

Saturday September 7, 2002
Buyers who play the automotive options game add bells and whistles but frequently overlook safety gear.

Exhibition A+

Saturday December 22, 2001
The best works of TAFE's arts and design students go on display. Bronwyn Watson reports.

Departure Of Orica Chief Lifts The Stock

Friday July 6, 2001
Investors yesterday added $66 million to the value of the struggling Orica explosives and chemicals group after managing director and chief executive Philip Weickhardt stood down with immediate effect.

How State Won `automotive Gold'

Thursday December 14, 2000
Steve Bracks had only just been elected as Victorian Labor Premier but he was leaving nothing to chance. With talk of a new Holden V6 engine plant circulating, Bracks quickly formed a special projects team with Treasurer John Brumby and Manufacturing Industry Minister Rob Hulls. His speed paid of

Stellar Alliance Gives Passengers Priority

Wednesday December 6, 2000
Daily, 20,000 people use Ansett's Sydney terminal, so redevelopment had to be well-planned. PUBLIC BUILDING $10 million-plus Keeping Ansett services operating while juggling a major redevelopment of the airline's domestic terminal earnt Thiess Contractors praise in winning the MBA Excelle

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